In Search of Hannibal - A Graphic Novel

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In Search of Hannibal - A Graphic Novel
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Full colour 148+ page hardcover graphic novel about Hannibal Barca's epic war against Rome, by Nikolas Lloyd & Christopher Steininger.

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Update video!
3 months ago – Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 01:17:57 AM

Here you go!


The long march...
8 months ago – Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 11:26:29 AM


1) If you ordered a shirt before this post, it has been sent. Please send us a pic of yourself rocking your Punic Wars shirt to: with the subject "HANNIBAL'S ARMY!" We'd like to do a little video when we get enough pictures.

2) Speaking of videos, Chris will be doing some behind the scenes videos on my YouTube channel HERE >>> so be sure and like / subscribe / share and all that stuff. There's a new one there right now.

3) There is no 3! We're too busy working!

Seasons Greetings!
10 months ago – Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 10:12:26 PM

What a year! We want to give everyone a huge thank you for all your support. 2017 is going to be pretty intense with the production. But for now, in the spirit of Yule, here's Odin atop his steed Sleipnir riding over Midgard. (Illustration by Christopher Steininger.)

          Free wallpaper package of this image available for download HERE >>>

           Glorious pill your home with a print of the mighty All Father HERE >>>

Here's a snippet of some layouts, followed by some raw scanned inks from In Search of Hannibal. Keep in mind this is a colour book so this is still in a work in progress. Brush and ink on paper.



Some colour pages will be shared in the first newsletter of 2017.

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See you in 2017!

Update time!
11 months ago – Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 10:16:50 PM

What's new, you ask?

Well, we're working hard and making some excellent progress. Nikolas is writing like mad and Chris is drawing like crazy. Chris has also been doing a lot of driving. For vacation he traveled to Spain, rented a car and drove to Italy, retracing Hannibal's route. No kidding. This was, A) a much needed vacation, and B) a great opportunity to gather some photographic reference of the real world locations he'll be illustrating. Pretty hardcore, indeed.

Some of his videos are available here (Lake Trasimene, and a Hannibal exhibition in Barletta), with many more to come like Cannae, Col de la Traversette deep in the alps, Trebbia, museum visits, etc.

Also, there will be some Livestreaming sessions coming up where the artist will be drawing LIVE. Be sure to subscribe to the SmileTitans channel to stay on top of that.

The winner of the art draw was Thomas Sample of England! You have some original art coming your way. To enter any further art draws, sign up for the newsletter.

Until next time!